RESEP offers you as Energie Service Company (ESCO) the following services:

- Project development (if possible with partners)
- Support of several partners or advisors like: builders, urban planners, architects, brokers, 
   notaries, lawyers, etc.
- Energy contract building and contract management
- Guidance of tenants and buyers
- To create a vision of energy development
- to prepare area development for sustainable energy
- Integrated energy and building projects
- Project management of sustainable energy systems during construction
- Management of sustainable energy systems
- Support in financial systems

As soon as we get in touch with you, we can visit one of our finished projects to show you how we ran this project.

RESEP supports process sensitive technical projects on large and small scales from the beginning till the end. We also perform interim orders in case a manager needs to be replaced during long absence.  RESEP has a fresh open mind towards your organization with a high degree of professionalism and commitment to realize an optimal outcome.


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