Energy Management Project (2006 - 2010)
Establishment and organization of integrated energy management system for all properties on the basis of energy labels, coupled with strategic stock policy, new construction (EPC) and use of renewable energy, organizational embedding with all teams involved.

Energy Project rental property (2001-2010)
Implementation of an annual 2.5% savings on average gas consumption (based on standard gas energy) for tenants since 2001 by making targeted choices by annual budget, renovation projects and specific projects such as replacing old central heaters.

Energy Neutral apartment project (2009-2011)
Design and development of an apartment complex with innovative energy-neutral energy /climate system with smart heat pump systems, large-scale PV (without subsidies) and green financing.


Project Design Energy Ltd (2009-2010)
Planning, design and (interim) management of Energy BV Woonconcept. The aim is a clear focus, clear funding and streamlined organization, using employees of the corporation.

Multifunctional Centre Project (2009-2011)
To realize the operation and management of a heat energy system for schools already built, multi-purpose center and apartment building. Preparing for further expansion of the installation for new construction.

Project Feasibility Study very energy efficient care apartments (2010).
Together with an expert in the field of heat/cold techniques we revised six variables of traditional solutions. In 2011/2012, the best result with both low cost (TCO) as a very low energy and almost zero CO2 emission will be realized.


- CEO Power Company
- Project Manager preparation Energy BV
- Project manager Multifunctional Center
- Project manager Energy Management
- Project manager Maintenance process
- Project manager process improvement


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