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Welcome to RESEP BV

RESEP BV is a consultancy for development of sustainable energy systems. She is based in Dronten, active since 2010.

The core activities of RESEP around sustainable energy systems are :
- Development
 - Consulting
- Managing projects
- Management of energy systems

You can use us for a wide range of services. Every employee is a professional and focused on a high level of service. Our firm has a growing number of employees in addition to a network of partners so we are well able to respond adequately to our clients’ needs.

We have a transparent and fair process. Our project managers feel perfectly at home on the intersection of market and government and have extensive experience. It is the power of RESEP to get all parties in one line, so that the desired results can be obtained.


RESEP applies its knowledge and expertise for maximum security, safety and sustainability of energy systems. We are aware of the social importance of sustainable energy.

MOTTO : to bring energy innovation into practice
RESEP strives for a concrete contribution to sustainability, because sustainability is increasingly important and creates opportunities for organizations. The essence of RESEP consists of making connections and maintaining relations with various parties, including employees, clients, agencies and businesses that are complementary to our skills and expertise. A practical energy innovation is often a smart way to apply and combine the existing techniques together with a support in the organization and a well thought out financial support .

Do you wonder whether we can prepare, consult or manage your project or organization, please contact us. 

The RESEP professionals use their knowledge and experience for a more effective use of existing knowledge. This knowledge may already exist in organizations or associations, but also knowledge from outside can be directly applied.














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